Custom Services

Clinical Laboratory Testing

Custom Services

Here are a few of the services that we can offer:

Biomarker Discovery

Hyperion has broad experience in discovery of biomarkers. You can leverage our experience to accelerate your research program.

Measuring Levels of New Drugs

At Hyperion we can develop a validated assay and run samples for you using our LC/MS system. Our laboratory personnel have the expertise to deliver accurate results.

Composition Analysis

If you are interested in routine QC analysis of manufactured products or have a one-time need to evaluate the composition of a sample, please give us a call.

Customized Software Development

Hyperion can provide you with the customized bioinformatics tools that you need to understand your data. Our proprietary biomarker discovery tool PeakQuest is something that you should talk to us about if you are dissatisfied with your current biomarker discovery approach. If you are frustrated by discussions with software engineers who don’t understand biology please give us a call.

Clinical Development and Consulting

Our team of scientists and consultants can help you develop your ideas into products and services. We have significant experience in intellectual property development, clinical trials, FDA rules and regulations, laboratory certification and assay development. If you are trying to identify clinicians or laboratories to perform the work we can help.

Connecting to the Federal Government

We have been a government contractor for more than 12 years and have deep connections with the US military. The federal government funds research and also buys products and services. We can help you connect with government. We would be happy to consult with you regarding development of proposals and grants to advance your research. If you have products or services that you want to sell but don’t know how to get started we can help.