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Evaluate, Implement, Re-evaluate

We can help you by measuring fatigue in your workforce.  We use saliva that can be collected just about anywhere. All it takes is a few minutes to take a saliva sample and send it to the laboratory.  Many people can be sampled in minutes with minimal disruption.  In a few days you get results that allow you to identify people that may be struggling with fatigue. After this you implement a solution. After a solution has been implemented, re-evaluate (re-test) and determine if more work needs to be done.     

The difference is that with our approach you will have real data to work with. Other stakeholders in your organization will realize that you are an innovator who uses the best technology to get at a hard issue, namely fatigue. More importantly you have in place a system with which you can make consistent improvement over time.     

Making good decisions isn’t easy

You want your employees to be safe and productive. You don’t want big problems that make you look like you’re not doing your job. At the same time, you don’t want to be seen as a leader who fixes problems that don’t exist. Finding the best path forward can be very difficult.

We understand your pain.

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Do you really have the problem you think you have?

We can’t help you with every problem, but we can help with a few important ones.   

Let’s consider the problem of retaining high quality employees, preventing accidents, reducing errors in judgement, poor quality work, and absenteeism. We put them together because fatigue can make a significant contribution to all these common workplace problems.   

Do you have a fatigue problem in your organization?

If you’re in the health care industry, professional athletics, manufacturing or transportation industries, fatigue probably plays a role in reducing productivity, increasing operating costs and reducing profits.If you are in the insurance or wellness industries, you probably have clients that have concerns about fatigue in the workplace and may be interested in a new approach. We can help you understand just how big a problem fatigue is in your organization.

Other ways we can help you and your team succeed

Implementing a new technology can be a hard-sell to other decision makers in your organization. In any organization there are decision makers that will often say that a new idea is too risky, too expensive or too hard to implement. Sometimes they have a point. Other times your organization may miss an opportunity. You can reduce your exposure with a free trial. Contact us now so we can discuss your needs and set up a free trial.
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Human Performance Testing

We have been delivering human performance testing to NBA and NFL teams for several years. Testing measures physiological stress including muscle, soft-tissue, general stress (cortisol), fatigue and inflammation. Data from testing can be used to reduce overuse problems, enable focus on athletes that need the most help, and make better playtime decisions during competition. Many jobs are physically demanding too. Testing can help you identify workers that need additional training so they can do their jobs better.

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Human Performance Testing

Testing for Drugs of Abuse

There are many technical advantages to the service we offer. This is the same service provided to pain management physicians. Urine testing is also available. Contact us to see how you could do things better.

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legionella testing

Testing for Drugs Used in treatment of opiate or alcohol use disorder

Compliance with therapy is important. We can perform oral fluid-based testing to establish patient compliance with buprenorphine and naltrexone treatment. Urine testing is also available. Contact us to find out the advantages that can be realized by sending your patients to us.

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Water Testing

We test water for Legionella bacteria. Health care providers are now required by CMS to have a water management plan in place to ensure that their systems are safe. We can help you with a water management plan and provide testing needed to ensure that your plan is effective. Contact us for a comprehensive review of your needs.

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Evaluate, Implement, Re-evaluate