June 2015 – Hyperion’s Barksdale Team Wins DoD-Level RAPIDS Site of the Year Award

Hyperion supports the US Air Force Multiple Personnel Functions at bases across the United States. Through this award, the Barksdale Air Force Base team receives recognition for their commitment to serving our military by providing excellent customer service. The team contributes to finding solutions to increase productivity while continuously working to exceed customer expectations.

The Barksdale team was selected from over 1,600 DoD agencies for the 2014 Real-Time Automated Personnel Identification Data Site of the Year Award.

RAPIDS Site of the Year Award
2014 Real-Time Automated Personnel Identification Data System Site of the Year Award (Pictured L-R: Ms. Mary Dixon, (SES-2) Director of DMDC Defense Manpower Data Center; Nate Waters, Hyperion Team Lead; Shirley Creagh, Hyperion PA II; Lawrence Lavergne, Hyperion Program Manager)

September 2012 – Hyperion’s Team Wins Distinguished Abstracts Award for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Research

Hyperion Biotechnology’s Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. John Kalns, presented the abstract “Search for a novel salivary biomarker candidate for chronic fatigue syndrome” at the 2012 American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) annual meeting. Hyperion’s abstract won the Blue Ribbon Award. Winners of the Blue Ribbon Award for Distinguished Abstracts are selected by the AACC’s National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry in recognition of their scientific excellence. Hyperion’s abstract was one of 32 winners selected from a pool of 888 accepted abstracts.