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Don’t Let Fatigue Make You Tired: 5 Ways Fatigue Affects Your Daily Life

Blog written by Kylie Marler


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Fatigue is a common problem and can change everyday life dramatically. It can affect every aspect of your life — from mood and concentration to performance at work and in physical activities. Here’s 5 ways fatigue can affect your daily life.

Number One

The University of Washington posted a webpage that addresses fatigue. One section of the page lists ways fatigue can affect your daily life. The first bullet point is, “fatigue can interfere with your ability to work, do daily activities, and take care of yourself and others.”

Number Two

MedicineNet, an online healthcare media publishing company owned and operated by WebMD, says fatigue can feel like, “there may be lack of motivation or the ability to begin an activity” and “the person tires easily once the activity has begun”.

Number Three

The University of Washington‘s webpage also says that if you have fatigue, “you may have less energy to do things you enjoy” as well as “you may be less able to think clearly”. The Department of Health of the State Government of Victoria, Australia lists many symptoms of fatigue, but specifically “impaired decision-making and judgment” and “low motivation” are two symptoms that support the University of Washington‘s bullet points here.

Number Four

MedicineNet lists another way fatigue can affect your daily life: “the person has mental fatigue or difficulty with concentration and memory to start or complete an activity.” The Department of Health of the State Government of Victoria, Australia supports this as well by listing these symptoms: “slowed reflexes and responses”, “short-term memory problems”, “poor concentration”, and “reduced ability to pay attention to the situation at hand”.

Number Five

Lastly, the University of Washington says, “fatigue can cause falls and make driving dangerous”. Again, the Department of Health of the State Government of Victoria, Australia backs this up by listing symptoms such as “muscle weakness”, “slowed reflexes and responses”, and “impaired hand-to-eye coordination”.


Fatigue can affect any area of your life in a number of different ways. It’s important to take fatigue seriously and recognize the signs. Be sure to listen to your body and don’t over-exert yourself. Pushing through your tiredness will often make things worse, so just take care of yourself.

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