Drugs of Abuse Testing

Employment Screening

Drug and alcohol abuse is a problem that seems to be increasing everywhere. Screening new hires for drugs of abuse is probably something that you already do. But have you really considered what that test is telling you? Probably you’re not screening for fentanyl even though it’s use is spreading exponentially. Are you screening new candidates for alcohol abuse?  Probably not. Did you know that there are ways of beating a urine drug test with ‘clean’ urine or by adding chemicals?

Oral fluid testing can make ‘faking’ of a drug test next to impossible because you can watch someone provide the sample whereas with urine a quick substitution with clean urine is possible.    

All drug tests are not the same

Most employment drug tests use ‘cups’ that provide a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ output. They provide a quick answer, usually within minutes.  Maybe you send them to your occupational medicine clinic that provides the service for you.    They almost certainly use the same inexpensive cups that you can buy for yourself online.

Doctors that treat patients for pain or help them overcome addiction do things a bit differently.  They need to be very certain about the test results they get.   Sometimes, the inexpensive cup technology is used initially.   If the results come up differently then expected, a ‘confirmatory’ test is performed.   The confirmatory test is sent to a qualified laboratory that uses advanced (and expensive) analytical technology to determine with ultimate precision what is present in the sample and how much.   The result of the initial test is thus confirmed using the expensive confirmatory method.   

Due to advances in the science of analytical chemistry, the cost of the very precise confirmatory test has dropped significantly.   Also, the capability of confirmatory testing has expanded so that many drugs can be evaluated at one time.   

The bottom line is that we can offer you the definitive confirmatory testing method at a price comparable to if not lower than the price of an inferior test.   Also, we can test in oral fluid which has some distinct advantages compared to testing urine.

Compliance with medically assisted therapy

We offer testing for naltrexone and metabolites in both oral fluid, urine and blood (micro sample).  We offer testing for buprenorphine and metabolite in both oral fluid and urine.

All our testing is performed using confirmatory methods.  

We are a CLIA certified laboratory so you can be sure of the results.