Fatigue Biomarker Research

Hyperion Biotechnology is a Texas based specialty diagnostic company dedicated to developing and commercializing methods for measuring fatigue objectively. Measuring fatigue objectively is important because people are unable to provide accurate self-assessment. This is not surprising since the perception of fatigue involves integration of numerous inputs from both mind and body. Thus even the most honest self-assessment is often inaccurate. The ability to achieve our fullest potential is unrealized because we cannot understand how fatigue affects our lives simply because we don’t know how fatigued we really are.

In many instances people will simply try to ignore their fatigue and try their best. The consequences of willful disregard of fatigue are tragic accidents and more insidiously a reduction in productivity at work. In yet another common instance, a patient may complain of severe and unremitting tiredness to their physician only to be ignored or misdirected for psychiatric treatments that do not address the underlying issue. For the treating physician, the problem is not being able to validate that fatigue is in fact ‘real’. An objective method of measuring fatigue addresses this shortfall directly.

Life is full of choices. In order to realize our full potential we are constantly shifting our time and effort to different activities including family, work and play. Many of us are in a constant state of over commitment which ultimately leads to excessive fatigue. It is often the fatigue that prevents us from getting the promotion, winning the race or having a quality relationship with our families. Hyperion believes that the fatigue biomarker provides the objective feedback that many of us need in order to achieve balance in our lives.

Hyperion’s Fatigue Biomarker Research is highlighted on Health Briefs TV with host Terry Bradshaw: 

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