Fatigue Biomarker Testing

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Fatigue: A unifying problem

Severe fatigue can cancel the pleasure of life. Fatigue can reduce productivity and contribute to accidents. Fatigue is also a clinical problem that is exacerbated by disease, drugs, diet, overwork, and poor diet. A test for fatigue can help untangle the complex web of causality leading to high levels of fatigue.


You should consider Fatigue testing if you:

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You are developing a new drug,

supplement or medical device that may affect fatigue.

You are an employer

and interested in helping your workforce be more productive. Testing can help you focus wellness resources to people that really need it.

You are a physician

or other professional interested in evaluating fatigue in your patients.

You are a person interested in reducing fatigue

in your life and need a way to reliably measure the impact of diet, sleep and other approaches to reducing fatigue.

Our Process



Let’s have a conversation about your objectives. We can help you design a testing plan that can answer the questions that you have about fatigue in your employees, patients, or if you are evaluating a drug, supplement or device that reduces fatigue.


Our kits include complete instructions about how to collect saliva samples the right way and send them back to the lab frozen. All costs are included and no hidden surprise charges will be made. You can order on our convenient ecommerce portal or we can process a corporate purchase order.

Receive your results

We will send your data promptly. We are familiar with clinical research and will work with you to ensure that data is blinded in whatever fashion is required.

Let’s talk

As part of our commitment, we will support your objectives by providing expert consultation. We will help your efforts to file a patent, work with FDA, provide support for a clinical protocol, or write a peer-reviewed publication.

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