Human Performance Testing

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Monitoring that Matters

Saliva-based sampling enables collection in relevant settings including work and during competition or training.


You should consider Human Performance testing if you:


You manage, train or represent professional athletes

and want to help protect them against stress and overtraining problems.

You employ people that face physical and emotional challenges

that can result in serious injury. Human performance measures may help you identify employees that need help the most.

Our Process



Let’s have a conversation about how testing could help your team achieve its goals. Based on your needs we can design a testing strategy that can answer important questions.

Order Tests

You can order sample collection kits online. All costs are included. If you are interested in a testing plan for a team or organization, we can offer deep discounts on testing for large volume.

Receive Your Collection Kit

We provide everything you need including saliva collection devices, special low temperature ice packs, thermal boxes and instructions on how to correctly collect and ship samples.

Let’s talk about the result

We will go over the results with you. We can help you design an ongoing testing program to monitor the wellbeing of your employees or athletes.

Why Choose Us


Hyperion has been supporting professional sports teams and top-tier collegiate athletes for years. Our data enables good decisions regarding work/rest balance leading to optimal performance and life satisfaction.

Unique and Effective

Saliva is ideal because samples can be taken in about 2 minutes and from many people simultaneously and just about anywhere. This is ideal for a busy workforce or team. We have other biomarkers available and thus a testing regime can be expanded to meet your organizations unique challenges.     

Let’s Work Together

We are always interested in finding solutions to tough problems. If you are looking for a partner for a grant application or looking to develop a new technology, please contact us. We are experienced working with partners in academia as well as the private and public sectors.

Commitment to Service

We believe in social justice. As a woman, service-disabled veteran-owned business, we have seen and experienced a world that is often fractured and unjust. We prioritize inclusivity, community, and innovation. Our approach can aid in making better decisions leading to reduced stress and improved quality of life.

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Definitive ‘gold standard’ CDC method is used to identify if Legionella is present in your sample. Test results can give you insight into how to work and train more effectively.

Human Performance

Human performance testing is easy and samples can be collected at home, at work or during competition.   Test results can give you insight into how to work and train more effectively.   



We offer urine and saliva-based testing ideal for home or office.  We test all samples using confirmatory methods but at a price equal to non-specific screening methodologies.   

Fatigue Biomarker

Measure fatigue objectively using our proprietary saliva-based test.   Insight into fatigue may help you manage rest and work more effectively.   

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