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Human Performance Testing

Being an early adopter of technology is not always easy. Implementing new technology can often be more challenging than expected and may not deliver on its promises. The best way to assess if your organization is ready for human performance testing is by trying it out through a free trial. It’s important to note that free trials may not be accessible to all organizations, as availability varies.

Contact us and tell us about your organization and we can discuss how our services can benefit you.

A photo of a woman stretching in an exercise studio, highlighting the importance of proper maintenance of routines that support muscle and overall health. Hyperion's human performance testing can help provide the data to support healthy fitness choices.

Overtraining and Overuse

If you’re an owner, coach, trainer, or sports scientist, dealing with overuse and overtraining issues can be among the most challenging problems you face.

While you want your top athletes to perform at their peak levels, you don’t want to wear them out by pushing them to compete or train excessively. You rely on your own expertise and that of your staff to make sound decisions about when to play and when to rest.  

You strive to employ the best available methods to keep athletes as heathy as possible. However, despite your best efforts, mistakes can still occur and athletes are sidelined. Sometimes, relying on experience alone isn’t enough.

Better information leads to better decisions

We can provide you with information regarding muscle stress, fatigue and inflammation in your athletes.  This data can be used to help trainers focus their attention on athletes that require the most support with recovery, aiding development of personalized approaches to recovery and training, and strengthening informed decisions about rest.

A doctored image of a man looking at himself by holding his face in his hand, representing the power of Hyperion's human performance testing services to facilitate reflection on one's athletic or fitness practices using concrete data.

The winning difference

The human performance testing we offer is currently being utilized by NBA and NFL organizations, representing the forefront of sports science. Ultimately, the responsibility of making difficult decisions still rests with you. However, with the data we provide, your decisions can be better informed and grounded in objective information. Incorporating this technology will not only enhance your professional reputation but also earn respect within your organization. Most importantly, it has the potential to benefit your athletes in the long term.

Easy to implement

Our human performance testing involves collecting saliva samples from athletes and sending them to the laboratory for analysis. An entire team can be sampled within minutes, and samples can be collected virtually anywhere. Once you receive your data, we will assist you by providing a team overview as well as individualized reports for each athlete participating in the program. 

The results will enable you and your staff to prioritize the athletes that require the most support and assistance.

A photo of a scientist looking at a computer, reviewing the data from a saliva sample.
A photo of a woman wearing a gaming headset holding her neck in discomfort. Hyperion's human performance testing can benefit not only athletes but anyone with a profession or hobby that may be impacting their physical health.

Not just for athletics

Elite athletes are not the only people that have problems with overuse; these issues affect individuals in various professions with demanding physical requirements. This is evident among nurses and other healthcare workers who may endure extensive lifting and walking throughout their workday, as well as numerous other professions.

Understanding who in your organization is grappling with fatigue and muscle stress may provide valuable insights into promoting their wellbeing and their protection against workplace injuries.