Human Performance Testing

Being an early adopter of technology is not always easy.   Implementing new technology can sometimes be far more challenging than expected or may not deliver as promised.   The best way to determine if your organization is ready for human performance testing is to try it out in a free trial.   Free trials may not be available to all organizations and determination is based on current availability.   

Contact us and tell us about your organization.   We can discuss how we can help.

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Overtraining and Overuse

If you’re an owner, coach, trainer, or sports scientist, overuse and overtraining problems are some of the most difficult problems you have.

You want your top athletes to compete at peak levels, but you don’t want to wear them out by making them by compete or train too much.   You rely on you and your staffs experience to make good decisions about when to play and when to rest.  

You use the best methods available to keep athletes as heathy as possible.   Despite these best-efforts mistakes are made and athletes are sidelined.   Sometimes experience alone is just not enough. 

Better information means better decisions

We can provide you with information regarding muscle stress, fatigue and inflammation in your athletes.  Data can be used to help focus attention of trainers on athletes that need the most help with recovery, finding individualized approaches to recovery and training, and making good decisions about rest.

The winning difference

Human performance testing that we offer is being used by NBA and NFL organizations now.   This is the cutting edge of sports science.  Ultimately, the hard decisions are still yours to make.   However, with the data we provide, decisions are more informed and based objective data.  By using this technology, you will enhance your reputation professionally as well as increasing respect within your organization as well as doing something that could help your athletes in the long run.     

Easy to implement

Testing is accomplished by taking saliva samples from athletes and sending them to the laboratory for analysis. An entire team can be sampled within minutes.   More importantly, samples can be collected almost anywhere.  When you receive your data, we will help you by providing a team overview as well as individualized reports to each athlete participating in a program. 

Results will help you and your staff focus on athletes that need the most help.

Not just for athletics

Elite athletes are not the only people that have problems with overuse.   Many professions have grueling physical requirements.   This is particularly true of nurses and other health care workers who may do more than their share of lifting and walking during a typical day.   Many other professions are also demanding.   Understanding who in your organization is dealing with fatigue and muscle stress may provide valuable insight that may help you protect them from serious injury in the workplace.