Leadership - Hyperion’s Leadership

Katherine Kalns, Pharm.D., MHA, President and CEO

Mrs. Kalns is a US Air Force veteran with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and a Master of Health Services Administration degree. With a background in health care administration and work in both private and public sector settings, she developed a deep understanding for the challenges of delivering quality care at an affordable cost. Mrs. Kalns used her experience to start Hyperion Biotechnology, Inc. in 1999 to serve DoD and commercial customers. Her knowledge and oversight has led to the continued growth of Hyperion and the services it provides.

John Kalns, PhD, Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer

As a member of Hyperion’s corporate management team, Dr. Kalns provides strategic direction and contributes to the company’s research and development pursuits. He has a PhD in Pharmaceutics and has led scientific support work for government customers for over 15 years. Dr. Kalns’ entrepreneurial spirit is a driving force in Hyperion’s ability to provide new services to government customers. His passion for discovery has contributed to important research and development solutions for commercial application.