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Legionella Water Testing

Wondering about the reputational losses associated with a Legionella incident?

Your reputation and that of your organization could be seriously damaged by a report that Legionella has been found in your facility. Worse, someone could become seriously ill and die as a result of exposure. Rates of Legionnaires’ disease are rising exponentially in the US. No one knows for certain why this is the case.

Even if you don’t run a nursing home or a medical facility, avoiding the reputational risk may be well worth the cost of implementing a water management plan that includes periodic testing.   Not only that, but you’re also doing the right thing by yourself and the people who depend on you to keep tenants and investors safe.

Black and white photo of a faucet with flowing water, shown to highlight Hyperion's Legionella water testing services.

Is your organization compliant?

If you manage a nursing home, assisted living facility, or hospital that receives payments from Medicare or Medicaid, you must have a water management plan in place to reduce exposure to Legionella bacteria.   

Buying a service you may not be familiar with can be confusing. We're happy to discuss Legionella and answer any questions you may have.