Fatigue Biomarker


Fatigue biomarker measures two peptides using either competitive Enzyme Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay (ELISA) or Liquid Chromatography utilizing tandem Mass Spectroscopy (LC-MSMS).  Fatigue biomarker is the log transformed ratio of concentrations of two oral fluid (oral fluid is the mixture of fluids secreted by glands in the oral cavity) specific peptides derived from the family of Proline-Rich Proteins (PRP).   PRP’s are found in abundance in oral fluid only.   Samples must be frozen immediately and shipped in a frozen state to ensure stability.   Please follow instructions for collection and shipment of samples precisely or results may be invalid.   Technology protected under US Patents (Kalns et. al):  9,316,651, 8,945,854, 8,738,338, 8,442,808.  Other references available upon request.  Test results are intended solely for educational purposes.  Testing does not replace medical treatment.  If you have any concerns regarding fatigue or other medical issues please consult with a qualified medical professional.            

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