Hyperion is growing and adding testing laboratory services to support our customers. Our testing laboratory offers clinical reference testing and environmental microbiology testing for government and commercial customers across the United States. Our Legionella testing services are backed by CDC ELITE and EMLAP certifications. We test samples using culture methods under ISO 11731. Hyperion also provides professional service support for government customers in various fields. Check back often for the latest news.

February 2021 – Hyperion Expands Legionella Water Collection Services

Commercial and residential customers now have access to water collection services provided by Hyperion’s trained technicians. Hyperion is offering Legionella collection in cities in California, Arizona, New Mexico and more locations across the United States. Collection Services Provide Peace of Mind.

December 2020 – To Test or Not to Test? We Get This Question A Lot

There is varied guidance available to building owners regarding sampling and testing for Legionella bacteria in the water system. Regular testing is the way to validate if other water safety measures are working. Legionella Testing Explained.

December 2020 – Legionella and Legionnaires’ Disease Reports Are Not Only in the U.S.

There is risk to building occupants and risk for building owners if Legionella growth leads to people becoming ill with Legionnaires’ disease. Ongoing water management and testing of water can help reduce risk of a Legionella outbreak. Recent Outbreaks in Portugal and the UK.

November 2020 – Building Owners Can Take Steps Now to Reduce the Risk of Legionella

Building owners, facility managers, operation officers and basically anyone involved in maintaining a building’s water system can take steps to reduce the risk of Legionella. The CDC and other sources provide guidance on reducing risk that owners can follow. Read more on 3 Steps To Take Now.

October 2020 – Reports of Legionnaires’ Disease Cases Leads to Legionella Water Testing

Legionella bacteria grows in a building’s water system. Following water management plans can help reduce the risk of the bacteria growing and spreading through a building’s water sources. Testing can be part of mitigation methods to reduce the chance of someone contracting Legionnaires’ disease. Test Water Before Someone Gets Sick.

September 2020 – Testing Is The Only Way to Confirm Water is Not Contaminated With Legionella Bacteria

To help local San Antonio schools reopen safely, Hyperion Biotechnology is offering Legionella water testing at not cost for a limited time. While schools have been shutdown due to coronavirus, the water in the buildings can become stagnant and grow the bacteria. See story.

August 2020 – Now Is The Time To Test For Legionella In Buildings Shutdown During COVID-19

Building owners can ensure their water safety management plans are working by testing a building’s water for Legionella bacteria. With an easy to use Legionella testing kit, including water analysis at Hyperion’s certified laboratory, building owners can reduce the risk of visitors and occupants contracting Legionnaires’ Disease. See story.

August 2020 – Hyperion Can Help Hotels With Legionella Testing

As hotels begin to reopen or increase occupancy for summer travelers, facility operators can ensure guests’ safety with plans to limit the spread of coronavirus and Legionnaires’ disease. See story.

July 2020 – Legionella Water Testing Services Can Help Businesses Reopen Safely

Coronavirus is not the only concern for business owners as they reopen. Another threat to health safety is water-borne bacteria called Legionella. Hyperion Biotechnology’s Legionella water testing services provide business owners with services to ensure water management plans are working after prolonged periods of low to no use. See story.

November 2019 – Hyperion Offers Legionella Water Testing Services On GSA Advantage

Hyperion provides expertise in Legionella Water Testing. With a GSA contract, Hyperion now makes it easier for government buyers to order the services they need when they need them through its GSA Schedule.

August 2018 – Hyperion Receives EMLAP Certification

The AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs LLC’s Analytical Accreditation Board approved Hyperion Biotechnology as an accredited Environmental Microbiology laboratory (EMLAP). Hyperion provides bacterial testing for Legionella under ISO 17025-2017 and CDC ELITE methods.

April 2017 – Hyperion Receives CDC ELITE Certification

Hyperion is a Center for Disease Control (CDC) Environmental Legionella Isolation Techniques Evaluation (ELITE) Program laboratory. As an environmental microbiology laboratory, Hyperion provides expertise in water sample analysis for the detection of Legionella pneumophila, a bacteria that can cause Legionnaires’ disease.

October 2015 – Hyperion wins US Air Force contract to support the 412th Electronic Warfare Group

Hyperion provides Visitor Control and Badging Operation services at Edwards AFB, CA. Hyperion won this award through its Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business status.

June 2015 – Hyperion’s Barksdale AFB Team wins DoD-level Site Excellence Award

In support of the US Air Force Military Personnel Functions, Hyperion’s Barksdale AFB team receives recognition for their contributions in providing excellent customer service and contributing to improved processes. Full Story.

July 2014 – Hyperion’s Fatigue Testing featured on San Antonio’s FOX29 TV News

Hyperion Biotechnology’s scientists can objectively measure levels of fatigue using a noninvasive saliva based testing method. San Antonio’s FOX29 TV News Station features Hyperion Biotechnology’s Fatigue Biomarker Research on Street’s Corner with JT Street

March 2014 – Hyperion’s Fatigue Biomarker Research featured on National TV Show

Hyperion’s Fatigue Biomarker Research is highlighted on Health Briefs TV with host Terry Bradshaw. See Video Here.

September 2013 – Hyperion Biotechnology wins two US Air Force Contracts

Contracts with the HQ Air Combat Command and the Air Force Global Strike Command support the Multiple Personnel Functions at thirteen Air Force bases across the United States.

November 2012 – Hyperion Biotechnology wins US Navy Contract

The contract supports administrative, logistical and quality assurance services at Kings Bay, GA.

November 2012 – Hyperion Biotechnology wins US Air Force Contract

The contract provides support for the Air Force Surgeon General’s requirements for medical human resource support services for the Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) in San Antonio, TX.