Toxicology Testing

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What is Toxicology Testing?

Hyperion only uses confirmatory methods that detect as many as 40 drugs with precision and accuracy.


You will be interested in using us as your testing lab if you are: 


Treating patients and looking for a method

superior to conventional immunologically based drug screen for drugs of abuse

Treating patients and wishing you could test for fentanyl

Ritalin or other drugs not usually included in conventional drug screens.

Interested in compliance to therapy with Suboxone

(buprenorphine), Revia (naltrexone) or if a naltrexone implant is functioning as expected.

An employer that needs a superior drug test

at a cost similar to conventional drug screens. Saliva testing can be observed eliminating the chance of sample substitution.

A spouse, parent or someone struggling with addiction

and needs the highest quality data at a price similar to less reliable drug screens.

Our Process


Order a Test Online

Place your order for testing online.

Receive a sample collection kit

You receive a sample collection kit. Take the sample anytime. Kit contains everything you need including sample collection device and pre-paid mailer.

Get your result

Your result will be available to you on the easy-to-use web portal.

Why Choose Us

Fast Turnaround

We have the flexibility to adjust deadlines and timelines to benefit our customers. Our process, from initial order to analysis and results delivery is quick and easy. We have fast turnaround times because you’re our priority and we specialize in customer satisfaction.

Better Service

As an independent business, our services and prices are better than big, national companies because we have the flexibility to offer clients custom solutions for custom prices. We are dedicated to our mission: putting people first and profits second.

Cutting Edge

We focus on methods that make it easier for customers to acquire samples at home or at work, improving information and reducing costs. We use objective measurements to produce accurate, science-based data. Our tools and staff are unmatched, providing better ways to understand, analyze, and report data in effective ways for clients.

Woman & Veteran Owned

We believe in social justice. As a woman, service-disabled, and veteran-owned business, we have seen and experienced a world that is often fractured and unjust. We prioritize inclusivity, community, and innovation. We are training the new generation of S.T.E.M. workers for a better future.

Dedication to Innovation and Research

We seek to improve and implement technology that is data-driven and that helps increase the quality of life. We reduce risks that arise during work, play, and daily life. We use objective methods and means to collect data and further research.

 See Our Other Tests

Legionella Testing

Definitive ‘gold standard’ CDC method is used to identify if Legionella is present in your sample. Test results can give you insight into how to work and train more effectively.

Human Performance

Human performance testing is easy and samples can be collected at home, at work or during competition.   Test results can give you insight into how to work and train more effectively.   

Toxicology Testing

We offer urine and saliva-based testing ideal for home or office.  We test all samples using confirmatory methods but at a price equal to non-specific screening methodologies.   

Fatigue Biomarker

Measure fatigue objectively using our proprietary saliva-based test.   Insight into fatigue may help you manage rest and work more effectively.